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Welcome to Wolfe City


Welcome to the newly revamped Wolfe City! If you're wondering why you're here it's because I've merged my Art Blog, Music Website and written works to make it more easily manageable. It's getting so hectic here I physically don't have the time to maintain 7 websites to a decent standard so here it is, all my creative work right here! I do have a few more tweaks and twists to add and you will see it updated as I import everything over the next few weeks but essentially this is roughly what it's going to look like!


So, down to business, How have you lot been? Me? Well it's all good here, finally! Im at peace with everything and creatively back where I want to be. As you might have noticed I haven't gigged for a year, hindsight is 20 20 and now I can clearly see what was actually happening to me and around me as opposed to what I thought was going on at the time. It was soooo hard to let go but as the old adage says, one door closes and another door opens. I put music to one side for a while and just relaxed, the damage I had done to my body by over working and sheer stress definitely took it's toll. I was basically doing the work of 4 band members, promoter, manager, designer, tour promoter, Youtube obsessive, general networking hill billy and after 10 years in the game I burnt out. I now do everything at a much slower pace and it's definitely more peaceful.


On the music front last time we checked in I was riding the River of Bones and that's all shifted. I am now recording another album with my bestest buddy Ray who is bring a new slant to what I do. I basically take him a piano percussive piece and he turns it into the industrial laced, quirky and synthetically integrated music you can hear on the site. It's literally a mixture of everything I've ever done since I was 19 and it feels in a way complete. I have intentionally made the album more synthetic and less bare bones than River of Bones because it's just what I'm interested in right now. For all you acoustic hard cores out there don't worry, if it bothers you that much I will do some stripped down You Tube vids of the songs for your ears! On the gigging front I have started to actually accept the offers put in front of me so check back on the facebook page to see when and where I'm playing. I'll probably stick a gadget on here too to let you know more if and when it comes in.



Art wise I have been drawing away just gathering ideas to create something new and what I'm interested in I started with a few of my favourite villans, maleficant, skeletor, drucilla, voldermort! Ill share all the pics with you once they are done, I just need to get some nice blocks of wood to paint them up on ( so much better and smoother than canvas ). In between paintings Im experimenting more with promarkers and watercolour for my pieces which seem to be a good way to get stuff done quickly but I do prefer painted stuff so I'll get some time soon and focus on them.


I also have a piece up for sale for the next two weeks in the Oriel Bach Gallery in Mumbles as part of their “Come and have a go if you think you're Art enough” exhibition which is a collaboration of tonnes of local artists. I bought a pyrography deer head that was burnt into a tree stump for my art room as a little present to myself for working so damn hard recently! I dont have a picture of that yet but as soon as I do Ill share it with you and details of the artist that did it, absolutely awesome!


Tragedy has struck on the writing front. As I had finished writing the main bulk of my fiction book the laptop crashed taking the whole bloody thing with it, and no, I didn't back it up. ( wait while I punch myself in the face ), I might be able to get it back but it will cost me about £300 which I don't have down the back of my sofa at the minute. So, I must start again! I think everything happens for a reason ( other than Im an utter turdface for not backing it up ) so maybe there's a better, stronger version of the story in my head somewhere?! We'll soon see I guess!


Well, that was generally what's been happening recently, I would do a whole transcript of the year but Im saving my memoirs for when Im older, more pretension ( yes I can get worse ), wearing a beret and a ridiculously long scarf! For now all I wanted to really share with you is a GIANT thank you for listening, looking and tuning in. I'm ready to play music again, I'm painting again and writing creatively again. I'll share all of it with you as I go along!


Big Love


Ryan James

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