Ryan James


Root and Centre

4x4 teeny painting on some wood pieces I got!



I feel recently like I have been trying to compartmentalise everything about my work. Both my day job and my creative endeavours but I think I've also been learning a little about the root of it all. I love to connect with people, to share and express and be a co conspirator in inspiration. I am a perpetual student of art and a grateful musician but I am also a spiritual person and deeply enticed into all things metaphysical. For years I worked at keeping these things apart but a penny seems to have dropped recently. I have been trying to keep the two worlds separate, the spiritual and the creative and looking at it now they couldn't be any more intertwined. Everything I create is born of a healing experience, a catharsis or an expression. I take my experiences and I either wrap them up in music and take them to a new space or a release them through the singing and outlet of it. To me that is as divine a ritual as any. My piano is an alter in itself being privy to the flow of creativity and inspiration which I believe at it's root is a divine experience.



For me to hold back on expressing and talking about all of this means I have been holding back from you and I don't like how that has felt. I do everything I can to live authentically and when and where I catch myself doing the opposite I try to create change. Like I said everything I do I do for the love of connecting with everyone and holding a piece of that close to my chest means with holding a part of that connection. I'm not doing that any more and writing these blogs is a big part of healing that. To let people into that intimate and private side of my life and use that as a way to heal my own stuff and connect more readily. I guess this is one of the last few areas where I have been thinking about that cultural elusive “They”. What “They” will want to hear or listen to or be upset about. It's definitely a very young belief that I held years ago but it has no place now. I have no room for craziness and no time for chasing my own tail. It's time to allow all of my worlds to collide together to create something new.


Big Love


Ryan James

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