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Old ideas born again!


Everything shifts and moves constantly. Even when you feel your most stuck things are happening behind the scenes of your life and things are happening deep in the underground reservoirs of your brain too. Everything is in motion and I love consciously experiencing that universal constant. I was reminded of that today when I was planted in Bristols Aquarium, looking at all the fish I instantly became five years old again and spent my time there taking more pictures and videos than a grown man should. It's just so hypnotic to watch them swimming about! I have plenty of images to draw from and fill my sketchbooks with so ready yourself!




We then went for lunch in a place called “A Hole in the Wall” which was a nice pub that I haven't actually been to since I last toured the UK and was playing in the Thekla. I really can see just how much my life has moved on since that time and how much I have changed. It's all flowed in the right direction moving me towards a much more fulfilled and contented emotional space. Just doing this blog daily has brought more of that flow to the front of my mind and has made me think about what my new goals are these days when it comes to creativity. They have totally changed. I see now how all of my goals were completely self serving or had at least grown to that point.




Now when I think about creativity I think about its propagation. I love the idea of everyone expressing and delving into their own unique talents and creating. That was always my original goal before both it and myself became muddied. I'm back at that place now. Creativity is not competitive, it is benevolently compensating. Whatever I have ever needed from the Universe has begun it's momentum through creative thought. This is what I want to offer out now. This is what I want to give in any and all of my works. As each day passes I surrender more and more to the flow and sharing with you all my journey in that, through these blogs, feels wonderful.




Big Love




Ryan James

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