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My Anniversary!


Well today marks the three year anniversary with my boyfriend Stuart and it feels like the time has flown! Weirdly, it also feels like he's been here a lot longer. He's a whole pile of awesome that turned up in my life and changed it completely. Never have I been loved so unconditionally. He has honoured and respected my learning and been present to assist in my healing. We talk constantly and put the love we have for each other at the centre of everything. He has driven me the whole length of the country to play gigs for practically four people and done it with a compassionate smile. He has put up with me having regular creative drama's as to why this particular colour isn't working on the canvas. He has sat with me for an entire year when my creativity practically shut itself off and more importantly, him just being here is a constant reminder of what is really important to me.



Everything I make, everything I create is an extension of my heart and without question the love I have for him is a part of that. When I got work obsessed he reminded me about the importance of family, when I felt lost he reminded me of what I was and where I am. He reminded me that our life together is the birth place of everything we do and that life requires respect, careful attention and peace. Little did I know three years ago just how much that little blond bundle of awesome would change everything for me, and he has. I wonder what the next three years will bring!



Big Love



Ryan James


March 30, 2013 @01:38 pm
by — bunty

brought tears to my eyes. Love you both x

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