Ryan James


Keep going.


Whenever something “big” happens I always like to remind myself that at one point the human race consisted of around 5000 people. We were small. We had no guns or monuments to speak of and yet we continued to move forward. Our decisions were life and death, hunt or starve, fight or die. As much as we have advanced this part of our psyche remains. We continue to have this reactive mentality that is based in fear. So many decisions are made in that space that it can be hard to take a step back and be objective about it. The more you practice mindfulness the better. The more you create the better. According to researchers the reason we survived for so long as a species was because of our creativity, our capacity to adapt. It's all part of how we became who we are, adapt or die. The U.K has just undergone a huge shift both politically and socially. It will be a long while before we understand the consequences of what we have done. It might help, it might hurt, we simply don't know yet but what we do know is what we are made from. We are a million years of evolution poured into a human shape. We are here because we learned to change during times of intense hardship. We have also lost more people than we will ever know.



I understand that sometimes it can feel hopeless and I encourage you to pour all of that into your work. I encourage you to take whatever situation you are in and apply your creative mind to it. It's the same mind that has given you your existance. You are dynamic, you are wonderful and you have so much to offer the world. Creativity is the reason you are here and it can be the reason you continue to thrive. Creatives are needed now. We all understand that we have a tough road ahead here in the UK. We are going to make mistakes and we are going to fall flat on our faces but as the creative mind knows mistakes are opportunities in disguise and falling down doesn't mean staying down. Your capacity to think outside the box has gotten you this far and now it's needed on a national, if not international level. Keep making, keep creating and keep moving forward.. Let's keep building our communities in love!



Thank you,



Big Mighty Love,



Ryan James x


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