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Fire in the Belly!



I seem to be absolutely infused with a new inspiration lately that feels incredible. This long sleep is now finally over and ideas for songs, spoken word pieces, poems, artworks, exhibitions are all flooding through my head again with a new momentum that just feels awesome. Anyone that has ever experienced writers block will know what I'm talking about. The only realy problem I have at the moment is working out a routine that can physically fit half of this stuff in. I've always worked incrementally over the years so I guess I'll just stick with that for a while. When a project wants to be finished it seems to gather it's own momentum anyway so I'll leave it up to that.


Recording wise we did another awesome session this week and a new song is now all laid out and ready for vocals. I can't wait to see how the next few songs sound and it should only be a few weeks or so and I'll be half way through the new collection. I've also been reconsidering cover of the month on my youtube ( which is long overdue and update ) so I shall sit with Isobel ( my piano ) a bit more over the next few weeks. Speaking of Isobel I have been working on some piano songs recently which I may turn into an acoustic live recording to coincide with the new collection. Because the album is highly produced I wanted to do something in the complete opposite direction, completely stripped down to piano and minor percussion maybe. I'll keep working on it and get back to you. I also have come across some old songs that I might like to rework a little, it's all just ideas I know but I'm just so glad to be having them again.

I started re writing my new fiction book this week ( the one that was tragically lost in the laptop crash! ) and it's looking not too bad! Again, no major rush on a deadline but a small time every day seems to be allowing room enough for the story to unfold in a way that it needs to. It feels the same as the last fiction book I wrote, it just seemed to write itself! It's called "Weavers Light" and if I keep going at the pace I am should be ready after the summer.

On the art front so many ideas are here and I have a new exhibition to work towards. I've been asked to exhibit my work locally again so I'll see how that goes but I still haven't uploaded all my art to my Etsy Store to start selling it. My stores on this site are severely lacking so that's the next major update here I think.

Also, I have been to the Animation open day at the University and am now having to make the choice whether to do the animation degree. It will have to be part time ofcourse but I'm really crunching down on whether I should just bite the bullet and do it... It's scary stuff but I can't decide yet whether it's good scary or bad scary. I will warn you though, it's looking probable!


That's enough for this weekly blog, don't forget I've updated the spoken word section so if that's something you're into then go check it out!


Big Love


Ryan James

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